Fertilizer Treatments

Lawn Fertilization Program:

Our Lawn fertilizer program consists of 5 applications:

  1. photoEarly Spring - Promotes early spring green-up and recovery from winter damage. We apply granular fertilizer plus pre-emergent crabgrass control.
  2. Spring - Spring visit will improve lawns color and density. We apply a granular fertilizer and broadleaf weed control.
  3. Early Summer - Summer conditions can stress lawns. We apply a controlled release fertilizer to help prepare the lawn for the summer ahead. We inspect for weeds and treat as needed.
  4. Late Summer - Late summer application helps the lawn recover from the stresses associated with summer heat and drought.
  5. Fall - Fall is the time to recover from summer stress. We apply a fertilizer to help thicken the lawn and promote new root growth. We will also inspect for weeds and treat as needed.

Pricing for our basic lawn fertilization program begins at $35.00 per application for smaller yards. Total turf area treated will determine pricing. Contact us for a free no obligation quote.

Optional applications not included with our basic fertilizer program:

Grub Control - Grubs are a major problem in August, September and October. Lawn damage is caused by grubs feeding on roots, or by skunks, raccoons or crows digging for the grubs. Damage can occur almost overnight. Preventive Grub Control stops grubs before damage occurs in the fall. This is an effective but expensive product; therefore it cannot be applied to all lawns without an additional charge. If you do not purchase this treatment, we cannot guarantee against grub damage.

Insect Control - Application of insecticide to control billbug, chinch bugs and other insect damage. This is applied in early spring to prevent damage from insects. Not all lawns will need this application but the turfgrass should be inspected to determine if action is required.

Tree and Shrub Fertilization Program:

Our Tree and Shrub fertilizer program consists of 5 applications:

  1. Early Spring - This treatment is effective in helping suffocate egg clusters deposited in the fall and against over-wintering adult insects.
  2. Late Spring - Basic nutrients and micro-nutrients are injected into the feeder roots of your trees
    and shrubs. This treatment helps relieve winter stress, increases strength and vigor, and enhances flowering.
  3. Early Summer - This application helps control insects such as mites, chewing and sucking insects, and fungus diseases.
  4. Summer - This application is the second in a series of three insect and disease treatments offering continued protection of your trees and shrubs.
  5. Late Summer - This is the final insect control treatment. This will help clear your landscape of any remaining insect activity.
  6. Early Fall - We'll apply a deep-root fertilization which replaces the nutrients the plants have disbursed over the summer, and helps to prepare them for winter stress to come.

Flea and Tick Control:

Treatments will reduce deer tick populations (which carry lyme disease), and help protect pets and children from ticks and fleas. We will treat the lawn, mulch beds and up to 10' into wooded areas or open fields. THREE applications will be made approximately six weeks apart.

Perimeter Pest Control:

This service is designed to provide preventative control of household pets by applying control measures around the exterior foundation, sills, jams, garage doors and vents. This treatment will minimize the entry of pests such as ants, roaches, crickets, pantry pests, millipedes and silverfish. Preexisting populations of wood-boring insects such as termites and carpenter ants, along with flying insects will not be controlled as we cannot perform applications indoors. If you have a problem with these pests now or in the future you will need to call an interior exterminating company. This program will consist of 5 annual treatments applied at the time of your lawn application.

Pond Treatment Programs:

Let us maintain your pond all summer! We'll come out once a month to spray your pond for all weeds and algae on the surface and below the water. If you are struggling with emergent weeds, we can take care of them monthly as well.

Pond Raking Programs:

Pond raking and emergent weed removal can be a tedious and backbreaking job; however it is very beneficial to your pond. Raking provides the following benefits: removes organics that contribute to "muck", lowers your nutrient load, reducing future weed and algae growth, and increases the overall health of the ecosystem. Raking can only be done after the weeds have been completely killed.